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I'm a pianist, writer, producer and performer - happy to work on projects with singers, songwriters, video/film makers, choreographers and artists. 

Currently residing in Dublin: originally from London and Rye - steeped in the Blues since my teens, I now use many influences in my work from: baroque, classical, jazz, blues, folk, rap and electronics through Bach, Bartok, Benjamin Britten, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Eminem, free-form jazz, Aphex Twin etc. I can write for film, theatre performance and radio. I'm also comfortable with most styles for session work and keen to collaborate on songwriting and performance with new (or not so new) artists. I sometimes perform live (piano/keyboards/organ and electronics)
Live Projects: 
I play piano, under the pseudonym of 'DR ASPALLS' for the internationally famous alt-drag jazz cabaret eco show phenomenon 'TIMBERLINA'  ( A lot of fun on the cabaret circuit - he's also one of the nicest people on the planet: charismatic and kind - what's not to like: I just accompany his amazing songs. 
I also play with my pal FRANCES MC'KEVITT, 
( famed and iconic on the London music scene with her band 'The Frantastics': rock & roll, folk, country and strange americana ...


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